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Wolves of Pavlava–Reviews

Tweet I don’t have many reviews on my site (well, more than many, but a lot less than others. Getting readers to review makes me feel like a dentist holding pliars in my hand, if you know what I mean…) but I thought Iwould  share with you the last one I got. It was […]

2011 Chicago Book Expo

Tweet Okay, this is not chronological, since it took place in October 2011, before Berlin and New York… But better late that never, I suppose. At an invitation from the talented and intrepid Valya Dudycz Lupescu, I had the great opportunity to read from The Wolves of Pavlava at the 2011 Chicago BookExpo. The reading […]


Tweet First the this and that: I made the first cut of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competion  with my submittal of THE DEATH OF RAFAEL. A good beginning. This first cut was based on the ‘pitch’, which is a 300 word maximum description of the novel.  I used the same as I have on […]

Berlin. A tale of research and a city.

Tweet   I’ve always been very particular about the locales I use in my novels. Places, both familiar and exotic, inspire me and they are the spark that light the fire of my stories.  As I create my characters, I surround them with their world. They see, feel, taste and smell their surroundings. Because of this […]

The inspiration for the Pavlava Monastery

Tweet Martha, my good friend and author, has just forwarded to me a write up on the Voronet Monastery in Romania. Unknown to her, the painted church at Voronet was the inspiration for Pavlava church I described in the novel. Here is the link. Awesome place.

A Question of Poverty

Tweet One of my readers asked a very interesting question: “…could a titled and wealthy aristocrat become a Catholic priest, then a Monsignor, then a Cardinal? Isn’t the vow of poverty supposed to govern?” This is indeed a very interesting  question that delves into the curlicues of tradition, custom, practice, canon law, etc. of the […]

The Wolves of Pavlava in North Carolina

Tweet Just came back  (well, not ‘just’, since I am a very lazy blogger) from a visit to Raleigh, North Carolina. While there, I had the privilege of reading from The Wolves of Pavlava to a wonderful group of ladies, an event graciously hosted by a dear friend, Cristina. From the discussions that followed, I […]

The Wolves of Pavlava launch party

Tweet l The long awaited and anticipated launch (it sounds like someone tied a rocket to the book and sent it into space) of The Wolves of Pavlava took place on October 3 at the historical El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano, with friends and colleagues gathered to celebrate and listen to readings. We did […]

Writing and the Big Bang. But first, the news…

Tweet …THE NEWS The Wolves of Pavlava  is ‘live’ on since the middle of August.  There was one glitch at the beginning of September–yours truly found some errors, minor,  probably mildly annoying to some readers but very irritiating  to the writer–which necessitated changes to the book interior to correct the booboos. That is one great advantage […]

Just chaff…

Tweet Hello, World!  This is only a test, just nonsense thrown into the wind, like chaff to be blown away. Hey, what can I say?  It’s a windy world–things blow in and things blow out.