The Death of Rafael–first fruits of labor

Last Monday, July 2, I had the priviledge and great joy of donating to the Father Serra Pantry in San Juan Capistrano my first royalty check from the sales of The Death of Rafael. The Pantry provides vital foodstuffs and supplies for needy familes in San Juan Capistrano and surrounding areas. On any given day, 100 to 150 people are being served by the volunteers at the pantry on Camino Real, outside of the Mission Basilica.  The local markets provide the bulk of fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and fish. However, the markets provide mostly perishables and the pantry is always in need for cash donations so that it can purchase cooking oil, sugar, flour and other such staples. 

The mornings at the pantry start with volunteers preparing the food packages to be handed out–big bags with fruits, eggs, vegetables, etc. Also, if the people coming in for food stuffs have special needs–baby formula, some special food–the pantry can provide it. After the packages are prepared, the volunteers meet briefly before opening to exchange quick information and updates and then offer short prayers. The volunteers are from all walks of life, some members of the parish, other just wanting to give back to the community.

Here it is a bad photo (yeah, I took it, my apologies to the ladies) of some of the volunteers (there were about 20 on the day I was there)

San Juan Capistrano


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    I’m going through it again. Very nice touch: p.67: “slit headlights”. I remember seeing those (blackout headlights). My father was in the Army, stationed in Germany just after the war (not much later than ’46 or ’47, with my mother and me, for about a year, in Berlin.

    The phosphorescent tags, though, were a bit before my time.

    Not only is the devil (as they say) in the details, it’s in the writing.

    Other details that connect the story to the real world: Generals Feldgiebel, Beck, Col von Stauffenberg, &c.

    As an aside, for history afficianados, this next Friday marks the 68th anniversary of the plot.
    Mike Zorn recently posted..Calendar name change proposal

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    That didn’t come out right. More like “details make the writer”.
    Mike Zorn recently posted..Calendar name change proposal

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    @ Mike

    Thank you for the comment. Reading it a second time. Oh dear.

    It was my Mom who told me about the phosphorescent buttons, passingly many, many years ago, but somehow that stuck in my mind. As for the slit headlights–no idea where that came from. I must’ve seen a photo or read it somewhere. As I wrote that, it made sense to the engineer in me–the beam would be forward only, and could not be seen from above.

    Yes, July 21/22–68 years.

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