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 One riveting story supremely told!,April 5, 2012

This review is from: The Death of Rafael (Paperback)

This gripping story explodes through even more powerful writing than the author had used in “The Wolves of Pavlava.” Renescu writes of a world seen through the eyes of one who has been there, melding carefully researched history, first-hand experience, and a deep feeling of cultures involved with a rare ability to grasp and illuminate detail. As the story line leaps from continent to continent, the author’s firm grasp of the culture, politics and history of each place shines and gives an unmistakable imprimatur of authenticity.

Each character becomes very real and the author relies on the reader’s gut reactions to complete the fleshing out of the persons. That’s a dangerous step for any but the most skilled writer to attempt. She succeeds.

The (sometimes multiple and parallel) story lines are guaranteed to keep the reader off balance. The unexpected twists combined with the fast pace, strong personalities, passions and vivid descriptions will keep any reader reluctant to put the book down.

I have been privileged to review the author’s correspondence with a former Nazi general that illuminate the training, experience and expectations of Nazi soldiers and officers … and this is expertly used to shape a leading character; seen the material she had gathered on the site of the attempt on Hitler’s life; knew of her careful on-site reviews of the correctness of her descriptions of architectures, locations, views at certain points in time. She is a superb research historian as well as an outstanding novelist.


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