THE DEATH OF RAFAEL is on the rise on Amazon!

Slightly stunned. The Death of Rafael,  in some strange snowballing effect  became #5 in the Kindle store. Also, it seems to be selling like freshly made fish and chips (sorry…) in the UK.  Now THAT I really like. I’ve always considered sales in Britain as an additional star for me.  Sales also in France and Spain. Not so much in Germany… Interesting.

I will resist the temptation of doing one of those engineer nerd data analysis of bell shaped curves, standard deviations and all that. I am sure my adoring public appreciates my decision not to do some mathematical analysis here. 🙂


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    Congratulations on a well-deserved achievement.

    Time to think of optioning movie rights. You might not get Tom Cruise for von Stauffenberg – it’s just a bit part in the story, but maybe Maximillian Schell for E v K.

    cf A Bridge too Far (Lt Gen Bittrich)
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    A minor quibble: p.339 & ff “… the Magellan Cloud…”

    Should be “the Magellanic clouds” (there’s a big one (the Large …) and a small one (The Small ….”). I don’t know if they’re bright enough to show things on the ground (Venus sometimes is), but I’ll leave that to people who’ve been there.

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    But for “Rafael”, I would most likely never come across Henri de Lubac – a man whom Avery Cardinal Dulles called one of the “brilliant Pleiades” (the group of 7 including Lonergan and von Balthasar).

    That’s an evident reference to an earlier Pleiades, a group of 16th-century French Renaissance poets (none of whom I recognize).

    The term “pleiades” for people goes all the way back to 3rd century Alexandria (poets and tragedians whose work has been much dimmed by the passage of time).
    Mike Zorn recently posted..Calendar name change proposal

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    @Mike Zorn

    Henri de Lubac has been one of my favorite philosophers/theologians/thinkers and I read and re-read his book ‘The Drama of Atheist Humanism’ (If I mentioned the title in Rafael, I might have gotten it wrong… Oh well, more details…) I know of von Balthasar, but I don’t recall at this point if I’ve read any of his works directly, or know his writings indirectly, from quotations and references to his works.

    Thank you for the wonderful explanation of the Pleiades in the world of great thinkers.

    As for the Magellan vs. Magellanic Clouds (or cloud)–ah, more details. The only excuse I have for the inattention to the exact name is that it is through Francisco’s point of view, and as he is thinking, so I can say that he is just as inattentive to details as I am.

    The Southern night skies are very bright, especially over the pampas, where there is no other light to interfere with it. It’s not the Magellanic Clouds specifically that cast the glow (very soft mind you), it’s the whole panoply of stars and the streaks of the Milky Way. However it sounded very poetic. Poetry is another excuse.

    Now I’m going to check in Lonergan. I probably encountered him, but it dropped between the cracks of my memory.

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