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Wolves of Pavlava–Reviews

Tweet I don’t have many reviews on my site (well, more than many, but a lot less than others. Getting readers to review makes me feel like a dentist holding pliars in my hand, if you know what I mean…) but I thought Iwould ¬†share with you the last one I got. It was […]

The inspiration for the Pavlava Monastery

Tweet Martha, my good friend and author, has just forwarded to me a write up on the Voronet Monastery in Romania. Unknown to her, the painted church at Voronet was the inspiration for Pavlava church I described in the novel. Here is the link. Awesome place.

The Wolves of Pavlava launch party

Tweet l The long awaited and anticipated launch (it sounds like someone tied a rocket to the book and sent it into space) of The Wolves of Pavlava took place on October 3 at the historical El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano, with friends and colleagues gathered to celebrate and listen to readings. We did […]