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Morning Coffee, Apple Cake and THE DEATH OF RAFAEL

Tweet For every book club I go to, I seem to end up with a special name.  This one, at Ann’s lovely and warm home in Newport Beach (full of wonderful family heirlooms) ended up being called, as I started to write this, the Apple Cake Club–Ann prepared for us the most wonderful apple cake […]


Tweet I sometimes procrastinate. I sometimes do so because my brain stalls. Sometimes I can’t think of anything to to say. Sometimes there’s so much to tell, I can’t find my way through all the treasures of what I want to relate. The latter is the cause of this particular delay in blogging. I have […]


Tweet On February 10, 2013 there was a first for THE DEATH OF RAFAEL and for me–book signing event at the  prestigious book store Warwick’s in truly beautiful seaside town of La Jolla. I was invited as a local author, part of the Meet the Locals program. It was a first in many ways and a […]


Tweet My first book signing event is coming up. February 10, 2013 at the prestigious Warwicks Bookstore in La Jolla, California as part of the Meet the Locals series conducted by this wonderful bookstore for their local writers.

2012 stats for the blog

Tweet The map is especially interesting. It shows from where the blog visitors originated. Even from Indonesia.


Tweet I have been quite derelict in my duties to this blog and to correct this, I am doing what I would call  ‘interesting stuff’ dump on my long-suffering readers.  Also, the photos in this post are few and paltry.  I had to take thems without flash and also surreptitiously. And there was also that […]

THE DEATH OF RAFAEL–Another Amazing Book Club Meeting

Tweet Monday, September 10, 2012 I had the privilege to be the guest of the local San Clemente book club hosted in a beautiful and welcoming home in the Tolega hills,  to discuss The Death of Rafael. I was accompanied by good friend, and advisor on Latin American ‘stuff’, Edda. The gathering started with half an […]

THE DEATH OF RAFAEL is on the rise on Amazon!

Tweet Slightly stunned. The Death of Rafael,  in some strange snowballing effect  became #5 in the Kindle store. Also, it seems to be selling like freshly made fish and chips (sorry…) in the UK.  Now THAT I really like. I’ve always considered sales in Britain as an additional star for me.  Sales also in France […]

Another good day for THE DEATH OF RAFAEL–donation to Toby’s House

Tweet Today I went to Toby’s House and met with Jennifer Wallace, one of the directors, and donated my ‘second’ royalty check for The Death of Rafael, and also a copies of both TDOR and The Wolves of Pavlava to be used for their silent auction at the various charity events they hold during the year. […]

THE DEATH OF RAFAEL in the news in San Clemente…

Tweet …right along with the 4th of July fireworks.   The Orange County Register’s San Clemente newspaper, the San Clemente Sun Post ran an article on the San Clemente book club meeting and The Death of Rafael.