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The Death of Rafael–first fruits of labor

Tweet Last Monday, July 2, I had the priviledge and great joy of donating to the Father Serra Pantry in San Juan Capistrano my first royalty check from the sales of The Death of Rafael. The Pantry provides vital foodstuffs and supplies for needy familes in San Juan Capistrano and surrounding areas. On any given […]

As I comtemplate the center of the galaxy for inspiration…

Tweet A bit of doodling. PLANETRISE  

THE DEATH OF RAFAEL–The San Clemente Literary Book Club

Tweet     On Thursday, June 21, 2012, I was invited by the local San Clemente book club to discuss and answer questions about THE DEATH OF RAFAEL. The meeting took place at the beautiful home (killer view over San Clemente and the ocean) of Candy and Jim, who were this month’s hosts. They welcomed everyone with big […]

BLUE. A short story.

Tweet BLUE–a short story. See it at Fictionaut. BLUE  


Tweet If you want to read reviews for The Death of Rafael, click on the link below: REVIEWS


Tweet Stefania Berczeller, a reader from Israel, wrote this review of THE DEATH OF RAFAEL under a different post  in this blog, but I am taking the liberty of making it a new post.  This review is very important to me because it comes from someone whose family has experienced the events of the war […]

THE DEATH OF RAFAEL Chinese Restaurant closes!

Tweet …sort of. The real life restaurant I used for Lee Wei Ahn’s in the novel–the restaurant in Chinatown in the opening of The Death of Rafael–Sam Wo’s in San Francisco is in the news. Sam Wo’s Closes. I changed a few things–like the location and the age of the place–but the waiter. Oh, the […]

Another Review for The Death of Rafael

Tweet I promise not to post every single review, however, while they are all precious and prized, now and then there is one that hits home in a special way, either because of who wrote the review and their connection with the story, or because they provide an insight that surprises me. One of my […]

The Death of Rafael–first review on

Tweet This is the first review I received at on The Death of Rafael. Wanted to share with you.  One riveting story supremely told!,April 5, 2012 By  Dr. Stanley A. White “Dr. Stan” (San Clemente, CA USA) – See all my reviews (REAL NAME)      This review is from: The Death of Rafael […]

The Use of Words in The Death of Rafael.

Tweet One of the great gifts of writing in English (I speak as someone whose mother tongue is not English) is the incredible wealth of the vocabulary, and the shaded meaning of words that would be in another language, only one word describing one thing, either abstract or concrete. One such word is certainty. The […]