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Tweet I sometimes procrastinate. I sometimes do so because my brain stalls. Sometimes I can’t think of anything to to say. Sometimes there’s so much to tell, I can’t find my way through all the treasures of what I want to relate. The latter is the cause of this particular delay in blogging. I have […]


Tweet On February 10, 2013 there was a first for THE DEATH OF RAFAEL and for me–book signing event at the  prestigious book store Warwick’s in truly beautiful seaside town of La Jolla. I was invited as a local author, part of the Meet the Locals program. It was a first in many ways and a […]

THE DEATH OF RAFAEL–Another Amazing Book Club Meeting

Tweet Monday, September 10, 2012 I had the privilege to be the guest of the local San Clemente book club hosted in a beautiful and welcoming home in the Tolega hills,  to discuss The Death of Rafael. I was accompanied by good friend, and advisor on Latin American ‘stuff’, Edda. The gathering started with half an […]

THE DEATH OF RAFAEL is on the rise on Amazon!

Tweet Slightly stunned. The Death of Rafael,  in some strange snowballing effect  became #5 in the Kindle store. Also, it seems to be selling like freshly made fish and chips (sorry…) in the UK.  Now THAT I really like. I’ve always considered sales in Britain as an additional star for me.  Sales also in France […]

The Death of Rafael–first fruits of labor

Tweet Last Monday, July 2, I had the priviledge and great joy of donating to the Father Serra Pantry in San Juan Capistrano my first royalty check from the sales of The Death of Rafael. The Pantry provides vital foodstuffs and supplies for needy familes in San Juan Capistrano and surrounding areas. On any given […]

THE DEATH OF RAFAEL–The San Clemente Literary Book Club

Tweet     On Thursday, June 21, 2012, I was invited by the local San Clemente book club to discuss and answer questions about THE DEATH OF RAFAEL. The meeting took place at the beautiful home (killer view over San Clemente and the ocean) of Candy and Jim, who were this month’s hosts. They welcomed everyone with big […]

The Use of Words in The Death of Rafael.

Tweet One of the great gifts of writing in English (I speak as someone whose mother tongue is not English) is the incredible wealth of the vocabulary, and the shaded meaning of words that would be in another language, only one word describing one thing, either abstract or concrete. One such word is certainty. The […]

Berlin. A tale of research and a city.

Tweet   I’ve always been very particular about the locales I use in my novels. Places, both familiar and exotic, inspire me and they are the spark that light the fire of my stories.  As I create my characters, I surround them with their world. They see, feel, taste and smell their surroundings. Because of this […]