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Tweet I have been quite derelict in my duties to this blog and to correct this, I am doing what I would call  ‘interesting stuff’ dump on my long-suffering readers.  Also, the photos in this post are few and paltry.  I had to take thems without flash and also surreptitiously. And there was also that […]

Berlin. A tale of research and a city.

Tweet   I’ve always been very particular about the locales I use in my novels. Places, both familiar and exotic, inspire me and they are the spark that light the fire of my stories.  As I create my characters, I surround them with their world. They see, feel, taste and smell their surroundings. Because of this […]

Writing and the Big Bang. But first, the news…

Tweet …THE NEWS The Wolves of Pavlava  is ‘live’ on since the middle of August.  There was one glitch at the beginning of September–yours truly found some errors, minor,  probably mildly annoying to some readers but very irritiating  to the writer–which necessitated changes to the book interior to correct the booboos. That is one great advantage […]