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THE DEATH OF RAFAEL Chinese Restaurant closes!

Tweet …sort of. The real life restaurant I used for Lee Wei Ahn’s in the novel–the restaurant in Chinatown in the opening of The Death of Rafael–Sam Wo’s in San Francisco is in the news. Sam Wo’s Closes. I changed a few things–like the location and the age of the place–but the waiter. Oh, the […]

Another Review for The Death of Rafael

Tweet I promise not to post every single review, however, while they are all precious and prized, now and then there is one that hits home in a special way, either because of who wrote the review and their connection with the story, or because they provide an insight that surprises me. One of my […]

The Death of Rafael–first review on

Tweet This is the first review I received at on The Death of Rafael. Wanted to share with you.  One riveting story supremely told!,April 5, 2012 By  Dr. Stanley A. White “Dr. Stan” (San Clemente, CA USA) – See all my reviews (REAL NAME)      This review is from: The Death of Rafael […]

Wolves of Pavlava–Reviews

Tweet I don’t have many reviews on my site (well, more than many, but a lot less than others. Getting readers to review makes me feel like a dentist holding pliars in my hand, if you know what I mean…) but I thought Iwould  share with you the last one I got. It was […]

2011 Chicago Book Expo

Tweet Okay, this is not chronological, since it took place in October 2011, before Berlin and New York… But better late that never, I suppose. At an invitation from the talented and intrepid Valya Dudycz Lupescu, I had the great opportunity to read from The Wolves of Pavlava at the 2011 Chicago BookExpo. The reading […]


Tweet First the this and that: I made the first cut of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competion  with my submittal of THE DEATH OF RAFAEL. A good beginning. This first cut was based on the ‘pitch’, which is a 300 word maximum description of the novel.  I used the same as I have on […]

The Wolves of Pavlava in North Carolina

Tweet Just came back  (well, not ‘just’, since I am a very lazy blogger) from a visit to Raleigh, North Carolina. While there, I had the privilege of reading from The Wolves of Pavlava to a wonderful group of ladies, an event graciously hosted by a dear friend, Cristina. From the discussions that followed, I […]